It could be pretty tricky, because they will be changing water conditions and possibly water level in order to set up the operation. This must not affect the local populations water supply and also cannot result in any type of pollution to the local environment or river etc, I am sure its not something that can be done without proper plans that have been looked over by all kinds of people in government, before a signature can be secured by the boss to allow things to move ahead. No easy task I am sure, and requires lots of patients on every ones part.

I have looked at the historic information on this property like many others. the data may not be up to the modern standards, but its pretty difficult to argue with quantities of gold produced, its not like a prediction of production, its a measure of how much gold was taken out of the property over a period of about two years, with poorly environmentally matched equipment. 56,000 oz of gold over two years and only about 20% of the placer channel was mined. At todays gold prices that close to $94 million or almost $47 million a year of gold production. Obviously it will depend on cost of extraction, but if we got a 50% yield (we will also be producing saleable gravel I understand), that would be in the range of $0.40 per share.

I have no real idea what it will cost to extract the gold. but I understand the equipment is not very expensive so I have difficulty with a $24 million a year cost. With $0.40 per share earnings I imagine $3.00 SP would not be difficult to realize. If the remaining 80% of the placer channel was as productive as the previous 20% we could be looking at 280,000 oz total haul, or almost $470 million of gold at todays prices or about $4.00 per share at a 50% profit. I know that it is not possible to predict production from this type of placer so all of this is purely speculation, but it sure is worth holding on to find out IMO.