I agree with you.  How can holders of stock sell at these low prices?  Take a look at the market in gereral...lots of fear and lots of investores who are just plain fed up.  Let these sellers get out of the way.  The weak hands are now leaving the game and letting the real players load up.  This is only and opportunity to accumulate very cheap and oversold stock, as with many of the small caps.  The Venture Exchange now has over 50% of its listed companies trading under 0.10 cents.  I have never seen this in my 27 years of trading.  This is either the best time to load up or the end of the investment world...since i think the investment world will survive...its probably time to catch this falling knife.  Tricky to pick the right spot so look for the more advanced projects like UBR.  Very close to actual gold production, closer than ever before.  These are just my thoughts and i hope more and more people are starting to see the same points.  I await more good news.



Please do your due dilignce.