I dont know if anyone has noticed but the volume on small cap stocks over all is a fraction of what it was a couple of years ago.  Something interesting thats happened over the last couple of years is the reduction in pro trading staff.  Just yesterday i found out the National Bank laid off 35 pro traders.  Earliers this month Desjardins cleaned out its entire pro trading staff.  Although pro traders can be a pain in the "you know what" when a stock is taking a good run, sometimes you have to realize that is was pro traders that took the big possitions and started the run in the first place.  Now at least any buying you see is client buying.  And that makes for a more casual move in the market.  Usless we see a large retail client come in, all the buying is going to be done in bits and pieces.  So 0.085 trades today and i am breathing a little easier, but the stock is still far from my cost.  I realize that this is the time to average down, but like many investors i have to sell something else at a loss to buy more UBR.  Tax loss selling is here...but really how much did the average investor make in capital gains this year...for most its just losses.  At least i can carry my capital loss forward and try and move my $$ into something like UBR which has been oversold and at least  is now moving forward...Thanks goes out to Patrick...good job...I know all the delays where not the managements fault..the gouvernment can be a big pain in the "you know what" also.


please do your due diligence