JunoBeach-- Being that the permit that we are waiting for is just for a sample a lot of hurdles they we encounter now will not be there if we need a permit for a full fledge program. The biggest thing that could slow us down after this sample would be how management works with the surrounding neighbors and follow the rules. We know they have to drain a pond and have to pump the water out then there is going to be a lot of over burden to removed then a lot of trucking in the process. The main thing is not to flood anybody down stream or do any damage to the property beyond what they are allowed in the permit. If we get some home owners up in arms then this could slow to a crawl big time. So we need management to treat the neighbors with kid gloves as the saying goes.


Yes some news on Moe/McDonald properties would also be a great help, but I think that management would be concentrating on the permits first..