Trashing it, please. Market spoke and it was very clear. News release stated consolidation is definitely on the horizon. Looks like on both occasions you have decided to stick your head in the sand. Good for you. Keep lieing it looks good on you. I just want to break even and unfortunately with this recent news release I do not think its going to happen. Looks like I am stuck in this POS whether I like it or not. 

As for got my number, give your head a shake and maybe you won't be so delusional. At leasdt I can say when I was wrong and I was definitely wrong on this stock. Sometimes when a stock is so cheap there is a real reason for it. Its not because its being manipulated but because there is really nothing there of real value. Now I have to hang my hopes on Hudbay, OMG I can only hope it will get to my break even point.