What would you like me to contribute to the board? You have used every piece of DD and construe it to pump the stock to NO AVAIL. I on the other hand have not bashed the company, like you have said so many times and you lump me in with the rest of the crowd because I am not cheering ridiculous every moment of the day in support of the mgt. team. I told you many times before the only difference between us is that you think its an INVESTMENT and I believe its just a GAMBLE.

So stop with this childish routine of yours with respect to nonsense about bashing to get cheap shares. HELLO, the stock is already cheap and has been for 12 months now.

Look, there have been times were I agreed with what you had posted (said) and maybe not every thing I will agree to but if you make a statement that I agree to, I will more than likely support that statement, but that does not mean I would agree with every word or statement you make in a post.

If I was bashing a stock and was getting paid you can rest assure, you would see at least 10 posts a day and there is no way you can say that I have posted that many on any given day and if you try then you are a filthy liar. Lets hope this is the last time you post statements about me and lump me in with the rest of the posters who you do not care for.