For those who may be on the verge of selling, or have bought into the Chicken Little Gang.  Pull up this page: go to page 20 (You should read the full report, and study the integrated maps.  Read carefully.  This sample was collected from a rusty, oxidized, siliceous felsic volcanic rock (FROM THE RIDGE SOUTH OF GOOD NEWS LAKE).

Technical Report Key Property May 18, 2012

  1. This sample was collected from a rusty, oxidized, siliceous, felsic volcanic rock containing 5 to 7% pyrite in a 1 cm wide vein. A sample of intermediate volcaniclastic rock containing 2% pyrite collected from the ridge south of Good News Lake returned 0.22 g/t gold, 14.3 g/t silver, 1365 ppm copper, and 260 ppm tungsten.

It should be rather easy for all to extrapolate the reason 10 holes were put down in that area.  And it should also demonstrate: THERE IS GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS!