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Roulston says why to buy Terrax Minerals

2011-12-29 17:13 ET - In the News


Lawrence Roulston, in the Dec. 21, 2011, edition of Resource Opportunities, tells readers why to buy Terrax Minerals Inc., recently 7.5 cents. This is the first time he has recommended the stock. Terrax boasts several gold projects in Central and eastern Canada as well as, Mr. Roulston's usual compliment, a "successful and highly qualified geological team." The company's initial priority was a group of properties near the 6.7-million-ounce Hammond Reef deposit in Ontario, which was acquired by Osisko Mining Corp. last year for $370-million. These properties are "enticing" targets, but the company lacks the budget for exploration. Terrax has focused these last few months on its Stewart property in Newfoundland, where the first hole of a five-hole drill program returned 111 metres of 0.13 gram per tonne gold and 0.05 per cent copper. Mr. Roulston acknowledges these results are well below economic values, but assures readers it is normal in this type of setting to drill many holes before locating more promising targets. He says investors currently give "no value for early-stage projects, even high-quality projects with large-scale potential," which he believes describes Stewart. He concludes that Terrax at its current price is "worth a shot."