i've been following this stock for quite awhile and really enjoy some of the posts from well grounded posters.  my interest in tuo happened after my foray into pretium which is the queen of the ball in the golden triangle imho.  in my estimation pretium could be a producer in the next few years and i'm anticipating a four or five bagger from it provided it doesn't get taken out by a major.  seabridge on the other hand appears to be a longshot for my timeframe and probably more suited for my grandkids or great grandkids.  i find this site to sometimes be more infomative and a better bullboard for pretium than its own site.  like redrum i too like picking up wallflowers and i agree that there are plenty of them to choose from and my timing hasn't been that good on some of the ones i've picked.  i think an investment  in tuo might pay off handsomely given  the good things coming together in the triangle and the uncertainty of some of third world mines.  what's with that duck?  the content from that poster seems intelligent but really hard to follow.  i strongly encourage that poster to get past the "cute" and get both feet on the ground.