crazyinvestor you are wasting your time with this board.  They have never listened or learned from our warnings from day one.  Where's The Atom now or The General now? Or the rest of the clowns that took everyone for a ride on this board.   A Roll back brought this stock down to 1 penny, and the issuing of 300,0000,000 more shares right afterwards makes you want to vomit on what's happened here at TSU. 

And to think after the rollback and after new shares were issued TSU is at .04 cents... so the true number from the original investment puts share holders at around .004 cents per share? yes... POINT ZERO ZERO FOUR, not .04 cents,,,, .004 cents  Unbelievable. Sometimes people just don't get it.

I have 198 ignores all from TSU and INT.  It kills me to see so many fools in the rain.

2 years of watching the Venture Vulture Toronto Exchange Index take investors money.  What a joke.