Oh I know they are out of the race I needed someone else to say it for most think I am trying to bash this stock. Russia will try and  do anything they can to prevent Ukraine from producing their own gas, for Ukraine buys  10 billion dollars worth of gas.  Or what do you get out of article I included.

Activists gathered for a rally outside the Donetsk regional administration building on Friday to protest against plans to produce shale gas on Yuzovska field, the Ukrainian Choice civic movement reported on Friday.

"There are no territories in Ukraine where shale gas could be produced safely," Ukrainian Choice coordinator in the Donetsk region Yevhen Kudryashov said.

Ukrainian choice movement is led by Viktor Medvedchuk, a strongly pro-Kremlin politician with strong personal ties to president Vladimir Putin. Medvedchuk also advocates for Ukraine to join Customs Union, led by Russia. 

Kudryshov insisted that the hydraulic fracturing method used in the production of shale gas will poison the water in the Siversky Donets river, which feeds the region.

"It would be impossible to drink, or bathe in it, or use it otherwise at all. We will forget about tap water or spring water! This could have truly disastrous consequences for our region, and our domestic animals will start dying. Poisoned meat and fish will get to our tables. In addition to this, gas and heavy metals will mix with water, and this is fraught with fires and detonations," Kudryashov said.

He called for gathering for protests to persuade the local authorities to oppose the government's plans to pursue shale gas production projects.

It was reported earlier that the Ukrainian government on January 23 approved a draft production sharing agreement (PSA) with Shell and Nadra Yuzovska on developing the Yuzovska field (7,886 square kilometers) located in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

In May 2012, an interagency PSA commission declared Shell the winner of a tender to develop the Yuzovska field and Chevron the Oleske field in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

It is reportedly planned to invest at least UAH 1.6 billion in the exploration and UAH 30 billion in the industrial development of the Yuzovska field, whose deposits have been estimated at 4.054 trillion cubic meters of gas of various types.