Every time I looked today (often) there pretty much always was more bid lots than there were ask lots and that's going to potentially drive the price up if it keeps going like that.  The bids are continually building at 0.025 per share and every once in a while someone pulls the trigger closer to 0.03 per share (hence sites like TD Waterhouse showing trades today at 0.03 per share.   Even now, after hours there's a backlog of 1099 bid "lots" (each lot = 1000 shares, I believe) at around 0.025 and only 410 sell lots at around 0.03 per share.   Like I wrote a few days ago, the temptation to buy another 50,000 or something shares just to see if any good news after the unhappy people have sold and left (and I suspect a good many of them are in fact gone already) makes the stock jump up a few cents is darned tantalizing.    Again, they have a producing wellfield at Beaver River.  They are continuing to explore and try and grow.   I really don't think it's just going to disappear and could, with any kind of positive news jump up that couple cents.   That would be my play if it works out.    If not, I'm hardly spending my kids' college education to buy big lots of shares for pretty small investments.   We will see.