Hi Crazy.  I'll take that bet.   I'll even put a little money where my mouth is.   Right after it crashed on Wednesday,  I bought 50,000 shares at 0.025 per share.    Not a huge investment, it cost only $1250.   A company with a producing gas wellfield.   And while Karl 101 seems DOA now, they still have a few bullets left in this company.    The shareprice has been wildly punished and I suspect over-punished a little.   What would it take in a few weeks after all the really unhappy investors are long-gone for this stock to go up a penny or two or three?   It would simply take any kind of good news at all.   Beaver River puts up a Christmas tree.  Anything.   Even made-up stuff, I don't care.   Every penny it goes up I put $500 in my pocket.  Heck, I shoulda bought 100,000.   Small risk downside, decent chances upside at this level, I say.    May well be the easiest/fastest/cheapest way to double my money I've seen in a while.    

Anyone can pick a board they are posting on and claim righteousness when a particular stock drops and pont out how right they are and attack other investors/posters.    I'd dare say that Transeuro really did believe/hope/plan to make a producing well out of Karl 101.   Why an exploration company drilling sample wells makes them into a thief because it does not work out,  I'm not sure.    Heck, Transeuro was not even the first ones to drill here.   Were those others thieves as well?   Ok, ok, I digress.