I said i would never post again on this peice of #hit stocks board ever again

but i could not help myself after reading the last post from Drushar.You have to

be the worst investor that has ever existed. You had been warned over and over 

again that this stocks s/p was doomed yet you did not sell but bought more.

If you owned a year ago your shares are now worth $.005 cents. Ya thats right!

$.005 cents (after the 1-5 rollback) If TSU does another 1-5 rollback then your shares

from a year ago will be worth .001 cents. If you buy more of this stock that makes you

a bigger fool than you already are. Would you buy something from a theif who has robbed

you three times already.Ony a fool would dont ya think. It is my guess that this company will

be bankrupt in six months.