1. TSU will never go bankrupt. They always stay alive, find backers and money to continue, pulling rabbits out of hats. Everyone who has posed a comment about bankruptcy, "its over", etc. has been proven wrong time and time again (And Crazy had his id deleted as well). They will continue into the next decades.

2. OSLO exchange and TSX exchange are mutually exclusive. The shares trade independantly.There is no transfer of shares between exchanges. Many companies trade on multiple exchanges, and of course the news comes out in the earlier time zone. Also, the OSLO people are more gracious and bash less and hold more money, so why not release there first? It works the other way too if news is good bye the way. We can get out bids in pre-market.

3. I bought another 500k today.

4. Drushar needs to get in the game. I hope he averaged down today.