Just got the Info circ in the mail and decided to read one for a change. Looks like our friend Maxx is doing well. 500k US a year (380 base 100 bonus and some other goodies ) this from an explor co with zero cash flow. Been in the exploration biz for 40 years as a geo, founder and pres of a several explorco's and have never seen anything like this from what is essentually a startup. You have got to be kidding was the reaction from several CEO friends. I'm all for the prez getting rich but it should be stock based not cash particularily when the company doesnt have a lot. Its clear where the last financing is going. What have we gotten so far is a small seismic program that would take a couple of phone calls to BGP to arrange and not much more. This cowboy is movin on hope it works for the rest of ya.