Tri Origin is drilling 12 holes and we only need ONE good one to get things going. And they don't really have to be that exceptional. If they hit 20 meters of 2g/t at RLX it would prove that RLX has the "potential" to have a deposit. That potential has never been indicated at all in previous drilling. Even 1g/t over 20 meters might do it. I doubt that TOE would have staked all that additional property without consulting Osisko first so maybe Osisko has plans to keep Tri Origin working regardless.


These are 12 "widely spaced" holes so they seem to be covering just about ALL of their bases on these two properties. Normally, you'd have one or two anomalies that stood out and you'd hit each of them with 3 or 4 holes. At Sky Lake they may be hitting all 6 "strong" anomalies.


I'm just talking to myself on this post. I was thinking today that this fiscal cliff thing will probably be settled rather quickly and we're going into the period where Jr. Miners have historically done best. And TOE has held up pretty well. Should I buy more and hope for a double or more or is this market going to just continue to be lousy and maybe I should sell some of what I've got. It's a conundrum and I'd appreciate any thoughts from others.