I don't know what everyone else's experience is with him, but to me he seems a pretty straightforward guy. He says they are preparing some core to be shipped to the lab on the RLX and he hopes they may have some results in December. He gave me some history on the RLX property. Apparently the old mining maps indicated that this property didn't have any potential for gold. It stopped right at the border. That's why this property hadn't been worked. They now know it has the same Balmer rocks that the adjacent "good gold properties" have. That doesn't mean it has any real gold deposits, but it certainly has a shot. Osisko has seen the same potential. This drilling is important not only as a potential discovery, but as a further enticement for Osisko to keep funding the work. They added the latest large land package through staking because they discovered those rocks continue for several more kilometres.


On Sky Lake, Valliant told me he actually worked the adjacent property (where they made some discoveries) as a geo some 20 years ago. That spurred his current interest. He's enthusiastic about this property.


On company funding they still have $100-200k left from that crazy investment the bank got them into. He also brought up the large holding they still have in TOR.V. The fact that he brought it up himself gave me the impression that they aren't "married" to that stock and might sell some if they got into a funding crunch.