Nubian Resources Ltd

their marketcap is ONLY 1,57 million on 7,2million shares outstanding.

they own a 30% carried interst in what is now a OSISKO! mining JV with global resources. listen to this!

and this is todays news relating to it:

past drill results include:


GE08:  7.6m at 5.1g/t Au from 93.0m 
GE14:  7.6m at 2.9g/t Au from 19.8m  GE02:   3.0m at 4.7g/t Au from 0m 
GE19:   6.1m at 1.9g/t Au from 117.3m 
GE15: 13.7m at 0.8g/t Au from 61.0m 
Besides this mazing OSISKO/GLOBAL/NBR JV
NBR has still cash and recievables of +1,5 million Can$ and several other projects for lease, sell or JV. 
They will JV`their DRC property soon and they 13 other projects to JV lease or sell. this might be an early Eurasian minerals!
--> the founder of this company help building up LYDIAN RES. T.LYD, he got involved  @ 1,5 britischpence