In order to be successful you need very strong technical skills but you also need to be creative and go down roads others have not traveled. Thats where the most important part comes in. Simply put you also need the LUCK component. No matter how good you are technically if luck is not with you to fill in the blanks you still will fail. Sad but very true. I commend these guys for trying to think out of the box. It really is the only way to succeed in a mature basin. All the low hanging fruit has been picked. Its a very fine line in this business between hero and zero. I am pretty sure they are feeling the same as most of the posters on this board. They know the end is approaching and are probably trying to find the exit. The main problem is all the juniors are in the toilet with no end in sight for them.  People love you if you succeed, God help you if you fail. I am pretty sure they have a certain amount of their own money in this venture as well. So they are feeling it.