…Clearly their are certain people who are trying to encourage fear and doubt about investing in Theralse and most of us are all too aware of their tactics.  The short's just love to focus on a stock that has taken a significant jump on good news and knowing/believing that further developments may be several months away, they come in for the kill to do their dirty deeds. They create as much havoc as they can and even make money when people respond to their posts but most of all they make even bigger dollars after the stock has been over-sold and that is when they gradually begin to do their covering, buying back the stock that they sold at a higher price.  Make no mistake, these people are very well financed and backed and it is all legal, to a point where they can express any negative opinion just as much as a person who expresses themselves about the positive points. It is all about a battle between the minds of the believer's and those who work so hard to destroy those who believe. Many people already understand this but this post is more for those who don't understand. 


The "game-changing" NR that came out on May 29th 2014 not only created attention to beleiver's but because of the dramatic rise  in the share price, it also created a "lustful" opportunity for the shorts to enter! …So please pay special attention about what was said in that NR and others that have followed. It is not! a repeat from the past, as has been suggested by those who have detrimental intentions against your dreams or belief's, actually, they are facts and many different approaches, trial and error attempts have been made, prior to reaching this point and that is what no one has talked about or ever seemed to recognize. 


I said it before and I'll say it again…..Theralase is patently protected within the confines of their new and unique/application discovery and the door has been closed for anyone else to enter. 


On another note: ….I'm not always right about such things but I'll say it anyway….The shorts might think that nothing is going to happen over the next few months but I tend to think that a lot will happen…Here are a few: More media attention and very likely…A deal with a major pharmaceutical company. 


Best to all long….   ;-)