I was referring to the Niton area, not the particular parcels tlc has.  Niton has ben drilled by numerous juniors and not with very profitable results and the lands have been in numerous companies over the decade.  They are halo pembina land.  The cardium here is the extreme east halo on the greater pembina field.  It is low flow of maybe the 200 bopd wells type, as opposed to say Lochend at 700 bopd.  Yes it is well serviced as you see the drilling if you drive thru alberta much as it sits right along the hihgway.  I've driven it and worked it for decades so yoiu ain't got nothing on me.  It has a decent gas content and you lose money on the gas at $3.  The oil is low netback and as anyone can see tlc is cash flow negative, so if you think this is a good play, you are wrong, it is marginal in a decent sized operation and lousy in a small operation.  Not a good asset for tlc, maybe a mid size producer can squeeze a buck out of it...not worth the effort though.  Prime Cardium...you nuts.  $36 mill is 2P then....rediculous.  I know one thing that number is wrong and you won't get nothin' near that in this market.   Be a dreamer and buy if ya think this is a 70 cents stock.  All I said, a couple of months ago was, it wasn't worth the 30 cents it was trading at...was I right, would you go back and sell for the 30 cents I said to take and run with....Things are different at 13 cents, it was a good call saying 30 cents was stupid.  Remember this company is in financial trouble, they got a month long life line to sort it out.  They been trying for a while so why would these...good assets...not be selling....cause you guys over state the value, the assets are losing money and people do not pay a premium for money losing assets, pretty simple, no.  But, drean on...dream on. 70 cents a share....stupid thinkin'.