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Saturday, January 26, 2013 7:28:36 PM
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I have recently met with a very high-level group that are fully-prepared for a raid of "substantial impact" in the p.m. sector. The Washington/London/ECB bankers are convinced that money velocity is being impaired by p.m. "hoarding" and they are going to crush the gold/silver markets in order to trigger a rush of cash back into the banking system. So Sinclair's followers are being prepared for this onslaught with comments like "hang in there" and "Don't let them scare you out of your "stack" but what if the raid is successful? Everyone will be buried for years just like the "greater fools" of Jan/80 that held $850 gold for 29 years until break-even.

Meetings at the recent Cambridge Conference in Vancouver with seriously-long gold bugs revealed enormous concern over a global central-bank-engineered effort to drive retail investors out of precious metals and into stocks. If that were to happen (and thus far in January it appears to be working with the S&P near record highs), the gold bug newsletter community will be toast and the resource stocks (especially the juniors) will be in a decade-long flatline.

So the term "desperation" is not a word used lightly. I have been a resource player since the Hemlo discovery in 1981 and am its greatest supporter and cheerleader. Sinclair, Sprott, GATA and many in this forum are indeed "desperate" for a turn of fortune because if these hedge funds and central banks suddenly turn net sellers, the carnage in the metals arena will make 2008 look like a hiccup.

Gold bugs do not control the legislative process and as such cannot expect the "rules" to apply and that is why every newsletter writer like Kaiser and Roulston are warning of impending delistings in the TSXV. The global banking system is a wounded animal and as such extremely dangerous. Even if the retaliatory move against the metals forces an 18-month correction from current levels, many juniors and intermediates will go under.

That, my friends, would be a "desperate" scenario.