i was in this thing in the spring of 2008 when Greg had finished all of the application info for an exploitation permit & the thought was fall 2008 the BMP would issue. i exited quickly in that fall when the problems first started. i waited for 3 years before getting back in as it seemed that the BMP application was really lined up and ready to roll.

i don't think this is a TGX fault - but we are now going into the 5th year of trying to get this exploitation permit. from that useless government department. do they know how many local people could actually have been working by now. how many young adults could have already gone to university and graduated to accept value added jobs on the site and finishing work. how many of their "people" could be creating a real future for themselves independant of hand outs.

i am sure that every Greenland company is trading at a discount because the BMP employees in the department don't agree with what the elected government decided. they appear in my mind to be holding out in attempts to starve the exploration financed companies so they can get their way. one side of me wishes that every company would boycott the place - let the Greenlanders get eaten alive when they find that only the Chinese & Russians will place bets on their country: they will know what slavery is like if they go that route - dum short sighted employees who don't really give a care about any real consequences because they are collecting steady paychecks.

Gemfield's ventures into darkest Africa have produced more predicability than working with the BMP. they have been little different than Mongolia, Kazakstan, & Russia in their lack of transparency and blatent overtures to confiscating assets that they wouldn't even know existed if it was up to them to actually get outside, off their butts and do some real prospecting beyond picking the stuff off the ground.