The occurrence of the rare jewel, which is estimated at 400 million carats. It is probably the largest known deposit of rubies in the bedrock.
Good prices

Leonard Nilsen & Sons has teamed up with Canadian True North Gems, and will start production of the precious gem. We hope they will give good gains.

- The future will show how profitable it gets. But there are good prices on rubies. And we get up fine, pure rubies so much money it's all about, says project director of LNS Spitsbergen, Frank Jakobsen.
Canadian gem expert

Just how much money, can not Jakobsen say. But with 400 million carats, the company provided the service for at least 10 years ahead. Maybe even 30

RUBIN they pick up they hope will end in glass case in China and in the international jewelery retailers. For that to happen, the construction company have some help.

- Our partners in Canada is an expert on the gem market. And this is a whole new market for us, who are used to much coarser materials.
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FROM TUNNELS TO JEWELS: Leonard Nilsen & Sons are leading the world to drive tunnels. Now they find themselves also have completely different hunting grounds. Jewels.
Photo: Stian Klaussen

Long-term commitment

The project is part of the company's commitment to polar. State geologist in Nordland think it's good that Norwegian companies become aware of the values ??inherent in the North:

- It is exciting that we have companies and investors in Northern Norway that do. They have the skills needed, while the ability to think long term. Leonard Nilsen & Sons are leaders in the world to drive tunnels in the Arctic. Now utilize the knowledge mining, said county geologist John Torstensen.

Do you think this is going well?

- Yes, the company has had the flair before. They already have two mines in northern Norway. And the region is very important to have local ownership and long-term, rather than foreign companies come and go, think Torstensen.