Norwegian company to recover rubies in Greenland



Leonhard Nilsen & Sons starts in 2013 with exclusive extract rubies from a mine in Greenland.

Ida Hanstad

Published: 11/22/2012 18:24, Updated: 11/22/2012 6:24 p.m.

In January this year bought Leonhard Nilsen & Sons Greenland Mining Services (GMS).

Since March this year, the GMS has been in dialogue with the Canadian True North Gems (TNG) to ensure grøndlandsk participation in connection with the entry of a ruby ??mine in Western Grøndland.

Thursday came the news that there is now an agreement between the parties.

High expectations

Frode Nilsen

It is believed that the mine Aappaluttoq, which is near Fisk Næsset, contains 400 million carats of rubies.

This will be the largest known deposit of rubies in the bedrock.

- TNG wanted the player with Arctic expertise and especially mining expertise. Now, therefore, we agreed on a memorandum of understanding, says CEO Frode Nilsen LNS.

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He adds that the company has great faith in the project.

- There is great expense to begin with, but in the long term we will probably make good money on this, he adds he.

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SEALED: It is according to LNS 400 million carats of rubies in Aappaluttoq mine in Greenland.
Photo: LNS

Starting in 2013

According to Nilsen will probably be mining commenced in September next year.

- First, some practical things in place. Among other things, the construction of roads to the mine. This is in no man's land, and there are two to three mil to the nearest village, he explains.

Currently, the proven operating for nine years, but think it is ruby ??enough to operate the mine for the full 30 years.

LNS say they will focus on securing as many local jobs as possible.