Please see my post at SSE.

Please stop referring to Consolidated as an insider. This is Mineral Fields. It is a tax loss company. They aren't not insiders in the sense that they care about a company. Their main goal is to sell all their shares and use the cash to get in on another flow through and then sell it for a tax loss.

Mineral Fields has 10 million shares of TAM.  That is extremely unforunate as they have sold only 2 million in the last couple of days. If they are selling them all, well, I will leave you to finish that sentence.

Look at the last 9 days of SSE as they owned 18 million shares and have sold approximately 15 million. The entire volume of SSE for 9 days is Mineral Fields/Consolidated.

All you can hope for is that they won't sell all 10 million. They're swift. They're brutal. They don't care one bit about a company.

If you want to know when to buy TAM, go to and and look for seller Anonymous 1.  That's Consolidated. Add to 10 milliion and when Anonymous is done, then comes a wicked slingshot back up.

If you want to stay in, prepare for some pain. Or maybe, Consolidated stops, but they seem to want to sell pretty agressively this go round.

Like I said, read my post at SSE. I explain it all more thoroughly there.