Like the body heaps behind me, you better be ready for what's PK herself,

it ain"t going to be pretty. First off, welcome to the new normal: That be a 5 year chart.


Nice - no ! Here's the part from the BJ letter to "a shareholder" that is full-on comical. If you don't believe me

just ask Cali-Dream'in his take on it. This is the quote, taken verbatim from his letter:


" funding for the project on acceptable terms." What may I ask, is acceptable about wholesale

dilution at near, all-time lows. Again, this is not about shareholder's - never has been - as the BOD has

proven - time and time again - Well guess what: ? It's time to hand the keys over and say goodbye.


Acceptable terms - what, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,000,000 shares ... then a rollback. Smash and decimate.

Done like dinner. Still can't believe he put that in writing - "acceptable terms" - truly priceless.