Perhaps... However I've not been lied to by the company before and there's a hell of a discount in the stock at the moment. When these financing troubles is cleared out in a press release we're jumping about 100% or so. 

This was the e-mail from Brent:

"Thank you for the email.  I certainly understand your concerns, and always appreciate comments and questions from shareholders.

We are currently engaged in discussions on two fronts.  First, we are negotiating terms of a bridge loan extension for the $10M loan, which we expect to be able to make an announcement on shortly.

We are also dealing with several interested parties regarding the project financing for Pine Point.  This process is expected to take a little longer, but we are confident that the company will be able to secure funding for the project on acceptable terms.

Please let me know if you have further questions or need anything else.

Thank you

Brent Jones

Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

TEL: 360.332.4636 ¦ Mobile: 360.303.2703 ¦ FAX: 360.332.5025"

Do your own due dilligence and so forth...