I don't disagree there could be a quick trade on TAK to the $.06 to $.08 level, but it will not be based on any value whatsoever and I do not expect it will hold at those price levels if even it does happen. All mangement has right now is trench results from Rosebute which are supposed to be good from what I hear. The problem is management will be almost be out of money by the spring as they continue to pay themselves these rdiculous fees and salaries. Drilling is very expensive in the Yukon as I am sure you know. Where is the value other than a risky tax loss trade with a company that is running out of money and whose future is based upon being able to raie funds and then dilute the living daylights out the existing shareholdes if they can raise any money at all. If you know something more than that I would love to hear your comments. IMO