1-i was here (before the split) almost 5 years ago, I don't remember.
2-more than 0,20 cents
3-the situation was not the same, not that positif (polliticaly speaking: in Quebec, it is very big and differrent: La Caisse de Dépôt is a big player ready to hit the ball$$$. 
4-It is not difficult to compare the big pictures (before and after), now it's better!
5-Look at all the company concerned here...all the same pattern...close under the price at the opening..: those stocks are controlled by big interests that want to get in (financing,,,) low and dictate the upward movement of course at their pace...And the smalls, even the daytraders will have to follow that logic.

I buy a lot under 0,03$ and should have sell over o,10 yesterday, but i didn't.

I Thougt it would have go pass the 0,10$ according number 1 to 4.

I would have made a 3000$ profit and i would have buy more shares at 0,07-0,08 range.

I am long here and i missed the daytrading occasion.
But I'm still in and There will be other occasions.
And the figure of 0,20$ and even 1$ are reallistic if you look at shares structure and the value estimated of the company now!

Good luck