Oh,  I can fill you in.   Lost my shirt on that one.  I caught wind of YZC as it approached $1,  and put a LOT of money on it.  I know a lot of people in the mining indurstrty,  and by all indications,  this was a bo brainer to become a mine. Anyway, Harlan  Meade, who basically discovered the deposit,  thought he would try to make this a mine on his own.   In the time leading up to the release of the feasability study,  zinc was a hot commodity and American funds were buying this up, and the price continued to creep up.  that is about where  I entered.

   When the feasability study came out,  there were some gross errors in the calculations, and it was halted.  Not that the numbers really made a huge difference, ( they were good enough to become a mine)  but the American investors  bailed right away, probably because if management was too incompetent to write a feasability study, they prob couldn't run a mine.......

By the end of the day,   it had dropped to 50 cents,   I couldnt believe  that a sure thing mine wouldnt bounce back.  It kept sinking lower,   languising  aroudn 12 cents for a while,  until the Chinese came knocking,  and bought it out for about 21 cents.

The lesson I learned  about the juniors was you dont buty the property.... you buy the management..  that being the case,  I wouldn't touch SWN with a ten foot  pole. 

Today,  YZC is an operating mine called Wolverine.  Chinese are taking home the resource, and the profits.  They got my shares cheap enough.  I  will try to find an ode that I wrote  to that massive failure, and post it later.