OK, so Il Ducie did call back immediately, that day, but I did not have a moment to post until now. I, of course, am paraphrasing to the best of my ability, from my notes taken. Apologies if I am slightly off.

1. NC : On its own, it is not big enough for a mill. Focus was taken off NC for this reason

2. NEP: This is a money maker. We are waiting for Trevali and their "Caribou'  faciliy. Theirs is an underground ore situation and will cost them roughly 3X the cost of our NEP extractions. They WILL need our ore. Also, Nep ore is similiar to Brunswick ore, whereas NC is dissimiliar.  Lets say the price of building a full out mining facility would be $200m(underground). NEP would cost around $250K to get mining... and other than the standard EIA and permitting , there is no feasibility study required. We would go after 'Custom Milling Contracts' or a JV.

3.Menneval: Also no feasibility study required. The focus would be on high grades which of course chnges the metric to our favour. EIA and permitting would cost about $200K. Focus is to get up and running with this gold to start creating a revenue stream. Very easy.

4. RC: this is still a going concern. We are waiting for the general infrastructure to be put in place. Good working relationship with the Six Nations and high grades. Cliffs is in the area and hopefully something can be done with them.

5. Financing: There will be SMALL financing in the later summer, but hopefully after an uptick in sp

I did regain a bit of confidence after the hour long conversation, and I did tell Mike that one of the things that i like most about him is his complete lack of salesmanship. i.e. I would rather someone like Mike than a shifty professional salesman and marketeer.