U  make  about  150 K  a  year in  bad times and about  300 k a  year  in good times.  Your  shares r  worth nothing in  bad times  but  u can sell them in  rope a dope  rallies every  5 or  6  years.   Its a good  gig really  because  90  % of the time  you do  nothing.


When  your sector gets  hot  you  get to attend some  great  investor road shows  and   junior mining conferences in nice  cities,  staying at nice hotels and    enjoy the perks.    You  travel there with your  bag  of rock  cores  and  display them,  answer a few questions,  then  u  pack  up  your core sample rocks and go  home.

Its better than   having to work  hard for an  actual  producing mining company.  You  can  earn a  nice living  with plenty of time off. All  you need  is a bag of rocks  and an army of   shareholders to finance  your living expenses.  Great gig   for a bag of rocks  .. to be honest.