what started out as a .145 cent gain on NO VOLUME ends the day with a 4 cent gain on NO VOLUME. Was doing ok until the news came out an then it was down hill the rest of the day. As bagholder indicated until they come out with real results it was just a suckers play an that was proven as the stock fell off the rally cliff.

  On the positive side the stock did get first billing on Stockhouse, which really did not mean a lot as investors didn't buy into the news as the volume indicated.

  Mike once again, stop with the lack of data news releases an wait till you got the data, then do one of your halt tradings an let real investors finally move in. Until then we are still sitting at 3 cents-big deal. There was no need to consolidate as that is just a way of covering up failure that companies use. The properties did not multiply 10 times so only shareholders lose as usual. As I have said before a holder of 100,000 shares with a 4 cent gain equals a 4,000 dollar gain for your risk reward. Now you have 10,000 shares so a 4 cent gain equals 400 dollars. Now who are the losers here?

  The poor performance of Slam continues.  We need solid data, not those dribs and drabs they keep giving us. Oh well always tomorrow and maybe a HALT TRADING.