Taken from the early warning report filed on Sedar... Sasco looking for some changes perhaps? The Common Shares were acquired for investment purposes. Depending on the evolution ofSamex’s business, financial condition, the market for Samex securities, general economicconditions and other factors, the Offeror and its joint actors may acquire additional securitiesof the Samex, or sell some or all of the securities they hold, in the open market, by privateagreement or otherwise.The Offeror and its joint actors intend to engage in discussion with the Board of Directors andmanagement of Samex regarding Samex, its prospects and potential means for enhancingshareholder value, including, without limitation, with respect to potential change in thebusiness, strategy or Board composition of Samex. The Offeror and its joint actors may alsofrom time to time seek to initiate or participate in such other actions as it deems necessary toenhance the value of their investment in Samex, including without limitation, actionsintended to cause changes to the business, strategy or Board composition of Samex and whichmay include seeking to add nominees designated by the Offeror and its joint actors toSamex’s Board of Directors and/or removing individuals from Samex’s Board of Directors,requisitioning a meeting of shareholders of Samex and soliciting proxies in connectiontherewith and/or making one or more shareholder proposals in connection with Samex.