There have been a number of points in time where Meade and the Board could have put a competent person with relevent experience at the helm to better guide Selwyn to production or sale.  From what I have seen, neither have shown themselves capable of making the right decisions for the company, let alone shareholders.  The Chinese have spent $100 M where no others would and by their long term philosophy of investment, they have a 50% foothold for no greater cost than the investment of SWN/PAX and PLC before.  If memory serves, investment in Howards Pass now exceeds $250 M.  The cost of entry has reduced with the passage of time as has the risk in relative terms.  The value for SWN shareholders has diminished over that same time while SWN investment risk continues to escalate - not a good formula.  Forward movement is not automatically Positive movement.  Management and Board IMO have shown no desire or perhaps lack the capability to strengthen their position and build value.  Chinhong is no peril and can wait as long as it takes.  All of this has been written on the wall for all to see for years now and long before Chihong came along.  Big changes are needed at SWN, changes that will not occur under the status quo.  Any who think differently need to remove the rose colored glasses.  It is what it is and has been for long time.