Thanks for that..... the best discussion and description of what is happening to the Venture market that I have read so far. I have been in and out of the venture market since the late 60's and had to sidestep a lot of crooks and scams ( learned the hard way ) to come out ahead and learn to love the Ventures. There is nothing like seeing the little concern that you bought blossom into a going enterprise while enriching you at the same time.

Yes there were legions of crooks and questionable tactics used in the free for all Howe street stock game, but you could learn to avoid these traps and put your money into the real punts trying for success. Hype and promotion are still necessary to promote these little known stocks you just have to know the difference between good hype and tihsllub ( acronym spelled backwards ).

But this creature of technology in the hands of deviants out to rob investors in this market being a current set piece and fixture here has got to go. The individual investor cannot sidestep or avoid this at all and will be a victim on virtually any trade activity. Since however their shorts serve no useful purpose other than squeeze   for profit out of honest trades and destroying any meaningful market signals this activity will end once the market turns to the upside for real.