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The TSX.V is now under the control of the algo/hft group knocking every gain out of everything including some of the producers as well as petroleum and gas stocks. Currently shorting offers very little risk, this game however will come to an end.

The regulators are too busy running after not so smart greedy operators doing the Pump and Dump and then getting caught, and the evils of insider trading to worry about an entire market getting run into the ground by a technology they do not really understand, and which now practices many tiered trades while jawboning the benefits of it all to the regulators who are still in the ice age in their abilities to unravel the reality.

Is the TSX.V going to die before something gets done?? Is it already too late?? Both are legitimate questions, there is no doubt that a plethora of juniors are at the point of no return and will fade permanently out of the listings, filing requirements and minimum market standards are costly and empty pockets will lead to suspension and eventually delisting. 

I take the view that all this presents a once in a lifetime opportunity ( greater than 08 and the aftermath ) especially( but not only) in the precious metal sector and related equities. Some true heavies in the producer class are getting near the 08 lows and might yet equal or surpass that low. The same holds true for the best juniors ( explorers with a lot of cash ) which the manipulators have now decimated. 

Gold is not going to go away, it's time has come to settle what politicians and bankstas have wrought upon western nations. After a time I believe that every household in the developed world ( so called ) will have gold as do families in India and other asian countries. It's the right thing to do, we have been dupes listening to false promises for decades and leaving our future into the hands of big brother.