ha,ha good one. Enjoyed the chuckle. On a somewhat more serious note it is interesting the number of reads post to bullboard continue to receive. I suspect your post will garner 100+ within a week. I guess there are a lot of folks still holding (like you can rid of with it being halted) shares who are hoping something comes out of all of this. I read a news article recently that was linked to a facebook comment section. SOme posting there - I think it had to do with Pam getting a new company - were really upset that the writer would suggest that there was something positive in all of this, like "yea it was shame it failed but it was all the market / economies fault" kind of Pam comment. These people refuse to hold themselves accountable for the operational mistakes, the waste of monies to continue processing and using up the reserve to produce diamonds that could not be sold for a reasonable sum. Should have mothballed earlier, hunkered down and saved what we had rather than using up the line, BY THE WAY WHERE IS THE LAST PARCEL OF DIAMONDS - JULIE!!!!