Vinny12 asked me to recall David of Sprylogics to ask again about if they could make 2ya so that I don't have to go out of Facebook to use 2ya. Anyway David said Alex of tech sent me an email so I looked back on my emails and here it is.Hi Kenneth,David has forwarded me your message where you describe interesting piece of functionality that you'd like to see with regards to 2ya within Facebook app. You seem to be interested in having 2ya embedded within Facebook's own application. As you know, we are currently targeting native mobile clients, meaning iOS and Android applications. Facebook currently does not provide means of embedding functionality within their main mobile native application. In addition to our own Native Applications we have developed SDKs and APIs that allow our 2Ya functionality to be embedded within third party messaging applications, in line with what I believe you are proposing with the Facebook application.If you'd like to discuss further please feel free to give me a call at 905.761.9200x27 or send me an email.Best Regards,Alex>