It used to be that when Mali soldiers saw al-Qaida forces coming at them, they would tear off their uniforms and run. But no longer. French, along with the Mali armed forces, re-took the airport and bridge of the northern city of Gao on Saturday on their march to rid the country of the al-Qaida forces that have controlled northern Mali. In just two weeks, since France decided to give military assistance to this former French colony, they have retaken the central Mali towns of Diabaly, Konna and Douentza and now are ready to enter the much larger city of Gao. By storming the airport and bridge under cover of darkness, they have cut the rebels off from a major escape route. Gao is the largest city in northrn Mali. Also, at this time air strikes are being launced at two other rebal held provincial capitals, Kidal and Timbktu. American President Obama is considering supplying the French air forces with air born refueling services, but not with American ground troops. However a battalion of 2,200 African forces from Chad has formed a pincher movement with the French forces as they converge on Gao in order to wrest control of it from the al-Qaida forces. The Islamists hold a territory larger than Afghanistan so it will be long process in removing them, but it can be done. The nearby African nations do not like the idea of an al-Qaida run country being on their boarders and so they will send help, plus France has said that it is going to send in additional troops. Companies operating in the nearby African countries have seen their stock prices fall as the rebels gained ground, but with new stability to the region they could see their stock prices rising. This is speculative, but it could be an excellent turn around situation.

French intervention has been speculated for awhile. Company insiders of Steller Pacific Ventures bought  small amounts of shares prior to the French intervention in the area. Possibly just because they liked what they saw in their company, but now with the French driving the Islamic extremists out of the area, they may like what they see even more than before.


Dec 11/12 Dec 7/12 Trottier, Jacques Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 50,000 $0.010
Sep 28/12 Sep 26/12 Giroux, Maurice Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 150,000 $0.030