Consider these decent past results from the Balandougou property in Guinea, West Africa:

 3.98 g/t  Au over 18m

2.03 g/t Au over 28m

14.29 g/t  Au over 6m

4.57 g/t Au over 18m

2.00 g/t  Au over 19m

1.29 g/t Au over 29m

2.27 g/t Au over 12m

1.15 g/t Au over 29m

1.64 g/t Au over 47m

Now, another 6,400 Metres of Core and RC Drilling on the Balandougou Property in Guinea was recently completed.

From the NR:

All RC samples have already been sent to the preparation laboratory while the preparation of core samples is progressing well and should be completed before the end of May. The Company expects results to start flowing in by mid-June.