I am not comparing SPP to SBUX. They are not the same and may not ever be similar. Just a comparison or a guide. Whatever you want to call it. Just something to think about.

On August 10th 1992 SBUX closed at 0.85 cents. Today, 20 years later SBUX trades at about $57.00  So nothing really happens over night that is for sure. Like I said I am not comparing SBUX to SPP but good investments does not pay off over night. Wealth is not gained in one day or one trade. You have to forget the daily price moves and market news.

When I first starting learning the market I bought LVS at $11.00 and sold it at $9.00 for a loss. Today Las Vegas Sands trades over $50.00 I think....

Patience is a virtue and will pay off. LONG SPP