Flyfishing. Let's not forget just who attacked whom here. mtgfree called me a liar and an idiot here for posting the facts. The simple truth is that not only are they not earning enough money to build additional cafe's out of existing properties, they are not even earning enough to be cash flow positive or earnings positive on those existing properties. That's what their own statements show. Now I ask you - what self respecting shareholder EVER wants to ignore facts? Or worse - just make stuff up? I asked the question here a week ago - what ever happened to the $5,000,000 financing that they announced three months ago? Why has it never closed? Wouldn't you as a shareholder want to know the answer to that?


Look.  I like the concept here.That's why I checked back here after about a year. As I said back then - Eventually economies of scale SHOULD kick in here. But I believe that they are a long way away from that. Are they going to dilute shareholders into oblivion first? I'm not trying to be a smartass here, just pointing out facts and trying to get some questions answered. Isn't that what shareholders, or potential shareholders, are suppose to do? Or maybe they should just make stuff up and ignore facts.

And of course financings are the only real way for a company this size to expand. I know that - it's mtgfree who doesn't yet calls me an idiot for pointing it out.