Jerri, if you looked at my post from back in Sept when this thing was moving, I suggested buying @ .16...guess what, I wasn't too far off as it's now @ .155.

Called for SPP to exit 2012 @ .16 :)

I noticed that t.SAM was listed in the blog as well....umm, I would be hesistant to jump in there at all.  It had legs to gallop to exit 2012 @ .40 plus, but for whatever the reason (and don't blame the mkt here), it fell drastically to where it's at now .24 or so :(  

Red's take for SAM is to wait till it falls back down to the .16 - .18 level :)

My three picks for 2013 are:  v.DVN/ v.CKR/ v.DCY  :)