I am sure every day in America someone is shot, knifed, run over, drown, electricuted, sufficated, burned, etc. We can't ban gasoline, knives, cars, baseball bats, cigarettes, alcohol, the list goes on and on.

This is a site for investors to share ideas, not a soap box for people who want to voice their issues with society.

Cancer, cigarettes, alcohol and drunk drivers no doubt kill more people every year. I advise to put me on ignore so you don't have to see my picture. I have to ask myself who and what your really mad at? A recruiting poster for the police force shows a man holding a gun. An advertisement for a hunting magazine shows a guy holding a gun. The world isn't crazy and you must concede its odd to think all men react to a picture of a gun in a voilent manner;  this seems unrealistic.

As for Spot Coffee I will watch for weakness and add when the time is right.