Harmless fun, just a talkin head talkin out of two sides at once.


Previous visit, said Bonacista would cut and he would buy in at drop.  They cut but he said he didn't own it, cause it continued to drop maybe.  Put out a clear plan, but didn't follow thru.


This visit sog has "unique assets".... what?  He don't understand a simple conventional keg play with over lying resource type stacked plays?  Is he kiddin'?  Nothing difficult here, plain simple slant drills into 100 feet of pay with 400+ md porosity with big reserves, pretty clear a good thing.


It appears he is a momentum type, when a play has shown legs he jumps in for the last 20%.  Not a good early picker as it seems he needs to be told by others what is working.  He don't have the clout to do much to a stock.  Sure there are the silly buyers who blindly folllow him or Schacter or Linder or whoever, there is always those types but they are by definition small frys.  Meaningless, mindless followers, hope not too many exist in the real world.