Alice is quite excited about SOG. See the segment at BNN on the web.


They now have 350,000 acres to develop. The first year or so was so successful SOG acquired more land all around them. The payout on well costs is a very short time.....I think she said 8-12 months (from memory-check the Market Call Program). It's light sweet crude so demands a premium (if you can say western Canada prices are a premium when it's essentially land locked oil!!!) 

I'm buying more on Monday for myself (sold the laggard RPL in my RRSP at a 17% loss this PM) and my daughter's TFSA (she just graduated from college last spring and is travelling; I'm taking care of her investing and will be starting/ topping up her TFSA with the full $25,500 tomorrow or Monday)

Smart Investing To All!!!  (SITA)