Suncor has over 3 billion, what is most important is valuation, and even more important relative valuation.

If we are talking canadian oil and gas companies, then there are some advantages. The ability to purchase

flowthrough shares is important. As far as geopolitical risk, thats a tough thing for most people to agree upon.

I will say that in Alberta for example, the pipeline issue has made the headlines, but its a temporary item, not

a forever item, and market forces will find a solution. Netbacks are definitely important, as if youre netbacks are

twice your competitor, then you only need to produce half as much to be on even terms. Quality of oil matters as well.. Im taking a tour of a few canadian based companies, to see whats really there. I like international for sure, but you can not have all your eggs in one basket.. I would think medium to longer term heavier oil plays might have excellent leverage and respond very well to improved delivery options... cheers.